Nadia Murad wins Nobel Peace Prize

Nadia Murad has been jointly awarded the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize with Dr Denis Mukwege for their efforts to “combat sexual violence as a weapon of war, and armed conflict.” Murad is the 17th woman out of 106 individuals to have been awarded the prize. She is the second youngest Nobel Peace laureate. She took a deep sigh and tears came to her eyes when the Chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee told those gathered at the ceremony in the Oslo City Hall and watching online around the world, that hers was one of the two “strongest voices in the world today.”

Murad has campaigned broadly for justice for the crimes experienced by the Yazidis and women like her who have been trafficked and held in servitude. But she is also still a normal small town girl who likes makeup and would like to get along as though it never happened to her.

Rape and other forms of sexual violence are unacceptable forms of warfare. Those responsible for war crimes




You can read the full text of Murad’s Nobel lecture on the Nobel Prize website.

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