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To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled,

Sexual violence has been used as a weapon of warconstituent of genocide and in crimes against humanity by Da’esh in Iraq and Syria. Da’esh have kidnapped women, published entire doctrines on their use of sex slaves, and thrown LGBTQI people off rooftops for their sexuality.

Sexual violence has always happened in times of war. These gendered crimes are often perpetrated outside the jurisdiction of institutions willing and able to bring the perpetrators to justice. The crimes are often overlooked.

Over 100 Australians have travelled to Iraq and Syria to fight with Da’esh. In Australia, war crimes are criminalised in the Geneva Conventions Act 1957 and the War Crimes Act 1945. Genocide and crimes against humanity are outlawed in the International Criminal Court Act 2002. These laws need to be implemented.

The petitioners signed below, call on the Australian Parliament to help end impunity for sexual violence in armed conflict through the investigation and prosecution of Australians who fought with Da’esh for their use of sexual violence in armed conflict.

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