This is what can happen if you write to your MP

Prosecute; don’t perpetrate asks you to write to your MP, calling for the government to investigate and prosecute Australians who fought with Da’esh for sexual violence committed as war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. There’s a template letter you can use in the Take Action section of the website.

Campaign architect, Susan Hutchinson lives in Canberra. Her local MP is Andrew Leigh, Labor Member for Fenner. As the Shadow Assistant Treasurer, his key portfolio responsibilities are not key to the campaign. However, he has provided a positive reply and raised the matter with a colleague who does have responsibility for the matter, the Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Penny Wong.


Your MP may be a member of government, or have portfolio responsibilities such as foreign affairs, justice, or women’s rights. But if they don’t they still carry influence. You, a member of their constituency have the power to get them to act. Please write to them. Be sure to share any follow on correspondence with us by email, on our facebook page, or with the twitter #prosecutedontperpetrate.

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