Neil Prakash arrested in Turkey

Neil Prakash (Photo from Youtube)
Neil Prakash (Photo from Youtube)

Last week, news hit that the most senior Australian in Da’esh was arrested in Turkey. Neil Prakash had been the public face of a number of Da’esh’s propaganda videos. Prakash grew up in Melbourne. He converted to Islam in 2012 and travelled to Syria in 2013.

The Australian Federal Police issued a warrant for the arrest of Prakash last year. That warrant is still valid. Australia has made a formal extradition request for Prakash to be bought to Australia for prosecution.

The head of the counter terrorism at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Jacinta Carroll, said Prakash has been implicated in a number of plots and would have links to other activities. If that is true, he needs to be questioned on matters relating to the use of sexual violence as war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, as well as the terrorism charges he currently faces.

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